Monday, October 1, 2012

Languages – progress: September 2012

Less than 50 hours – I spent just as much time to learn languages in September. I’m little ashamed because it’s the worst score in the last four months. On the other hand, I guess everyone needs to slow down a bit from time to time. In addition, I lost several days because I made an excursion to Vienna and this time – as never – I didn’t take any book with me. But all the time I was “surrounded” by German language, though it’s not the language I study. Maybe some day… But at the moment I have other priorities.

Hours spent
  • Total: 49,50
  • French: 13,5
  • Swahili: 11,0
  • Italian: 10,5
  • Egyptian Arabic: 8,0
  • Turkish: 5,50
  • Portuguese: 1,00
    As can be seen, the language I dedicated the most of my time to was French – though much less than a month before. The truth is that I needed some rest after my short stay in France and “total immersion” there for several days, including the first day of September. The rest of the time I used to review the units from the FSI course to “automatize” the things I’ve learned so far.

    I managed to dedicate the same amount of time for Swahili as in a previous month, though I would’ve been happier if it had been more. This is the language I’d like to focus on at the moment. I regained a pleasure of studying it and I’d like to use this the best I can. I studied 8 lessons from the book “Colloquial Swahili”. I think that I do better with nouns and their classes which are plenty. (I wrote about it HERE)

    10,5 hours (4 hours more than before) I spent on Italian. Nearly all this time was dedicated for reading consecutive chapters of the novel „Mondo senza fine”. I hope this month I will finish this over 1000-pages book. I’ll try also to return to study verb conjugations.

    I spent less time for Arabic – 8 hours. Too little. I admit that I’m stuck at lessons 11 and 12 of the book „An Introduction to Egyptian Arabic”, which I mentioned several times already. I think that without mastering this material I shouldn’t move any further.

    I dedicated very little time to Turkish. I reviewed lessons 11-13 of “Colloquial Turkish”. I also began to read and translate short texts e.g. from the paper “Cumhuriyet”. (One of them may be read HERE)

    Portuguese – only one hour? Too bad. Is it be a sign that I can’t plan my studies well? Or perhaps from time to time I need to take a rest from a language I learnt hard a while ago. I don’t know…


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