Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FSI French Basic Course I – done!

October was a very good month for me as it comes to learning foreign languages. Although I didn’t keep all the promises I made to myself I managed to finish first stages in studying some of the languages. One of them was French. I finished the first part of the FSI Basic Course.

I expressed my opinion about the course several times. Here I will repeat what I have always said: it is a very good course, very well done, with lots of drills and audio material. I have FSI courses for several languages and I consider the French one of the best they published. Dialogs are taken from everyday situations, they deal for example with meeting and visiting friends, working at the office, shopping, visiting places, traveling, buying a new flat, catching a taxi, even going to a hairdresser. Grammatical issues are explained thoroughly and are accompanied by plenty of examples.
The first part includes all the basic grammar, all the most important tenses (present, perfect and future), adjectives, articles, pronouns and all other things a beginner needs to get a solid foundation before proceeding to the next step.

The last unit, number 12, is in fact a review of what’s been taught in the previous 11 chapters. You can check your knowledge of grammatical questions, browse vocabulary as well as translate various kinds of sentences – both ways.
Apart from that, there are very useful audio drills helping a student to differentiate some similar sounds and words, like for example: il est fini – il a fini; ils ont fini – ils sont finis; elle a fini – elle l’a fini, which – believe me – are easy to spot in writing but not so easy to catch up with while listening to a native speaking.

Next stage in the study of French includes: FSI French Basic Course II and the Polish manual “Język francuski dla zaawansowanych”.

This text can be read also in Polish


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