Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Colloquial Turkish - finally finished

After many, I can’t count how many, months I just finished to study “Colloquial Turkish”. I finished it but it doesn’t mean I learned all the things it’s supposed to teach a student. In my opinion it’s not a good textbook to learn a language from. The dialogs are not interesting, exercises difficult and there are too little of them, they don’t help to drill what you’re studying. Some of the sample sentences too complicated and… stupid. Judge for yourselves…

Here are some examples:
Yakında savaş çıkacak diye o ülkeye gerçekten gitmek istemiyor. – Because there’s a war in the area, he really doesn’t want to go to that place.
Kendisini zorla kaldırıma atan yaya elini havada sallarken arabanın ardından ‘Hayvan herif!’ diye bağırıyordu. – While the pedestrian who threw himself with difficulty on to the pavement waved his hands in the air, he shouted after the car: ‘Idiot!’.
Sahne o kadar yüksekti ki, basın mensupları fotoğraf çekerken bu hatunun backlarına 3 metre aşağıdan bakardken, hayranlıklarını gizleyemediler. – The stage was so high that, while the reporters took pictures and while they looked from 3 metres below at the legs of this woman, they could not hide their adminiration.
Hm, it may be good that the texbook contains the sentences of the type but they are rather beyond the level of competence I would call a beginner’s.

Although the book covers all the important aspects of the Turkish grammar, the explanations are sometimes too complicated and not quite straightforward. I wanted to put aside the book several times but then I decided to finish it just to have a clue what the Turkish grammar is all about. Now, with that knowledge, I can proceed to other textbooks. The next one will be my favorite – Foreign Language Institute course.
October was also the month I took more seriously to watching Turkish TV channel TRT Türk. Well, it may not be too interesting, as I guess some other so-called international channels of the publish TV stations, but it’s the only serious Turkish channel I can watch at home via satellite.

This text is also available in Polish

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