Monday, September 3, 2012

Languages - progress: August 2012

Time for monthly review of what I was doing last month. I have to admit that I’ve done much. August was another month in which I beat the record of the time dedicated to languages: 75,5 hours! (excluding English and Spanish). It won’t be easy to beat it. I had an opportunity to talk in Turkish, Portuguese and French (again: not counting English and Spanish).

Hours spent

  • Total: 75,5
  • French: 25,5
  • Portuguese: 15,5
  • Swahili: 11,0
  • Egyptian Arabic: 10
  • Turkish: 7
  • Italian: 6,5

These numbers clearly show that one third of the time was dedicated to French and this was thanks to my trip to France that lasted several days. Before the trip I took to my studies. The stay was very fruitful in this regard. Yet at home I did audio drills from several units of the FSI course, I watched the news on the France 24 channel, I drilled the vocabulary from Agenda 21 of the town Saint Jean de la Ruelle (this was the town I went to).
The people I stayed with in France turned out to be very patient. Thanks to them I was able to practice what I learnt during last months. I must, not so modestly, say that I’m proud of myself. :)

Second language in terms of the hours spent was Portuguese. Another record was beaten here: 15,5. I dedicated them to linguistic analysis of the information given the Telejornal on RTP Internacional, reading texts in “Sábado” magazine, audio review (whole “Colloquial Portuguese”) and discussions with a friend from Brazil who came to visit me for several days.

As I already wrote in July report, Swahili returned to favor. It’s quite fun to discover anew the pleasure of learning a language you put aside for some time. In my case it was nearly a year. I started to review what I’ve learned before from the “Colloquial Swahili”, I did the exercises from the first 20 units of the textbook for diplomats made by FSI, I studied the chapter on nouns in “Swahili Learner’s Reference Grammar”, and apart from that I translated a short info from the BBS Swahili site. The post on that is here.

Quite much! I hope that my newly recovered enthusiasm for learning will let me pass on the next stage.

In comparison to July, I spent much less time on Arabic - only 10 hours. A bit too little, but effectively. I studied the paradigms of the verbs, trying to review this material also by listening to audio files to get used to the sounds of the language.

Only seven hours dedicated to Turkish in August, but it’s still more than a month before. I stuck in lessons 31-33 of the FSI course. On the other hand I studied thoroughly relative and subordinate clauses from the book “Colloquial Turkish”. I guess it’s one of the most difficult grammatical issues in Turkish - at least for me. I think it has no sense to go on not being sure that I mastered the material I’ve been studying so far.

Despite my earlier declarations, I spent much less time in July on Italian. Only one and a half hour was dedicated to the conjugations and the rest to reading of “Mondo senza fine”, including noting new words. In September I solely plan to take to this language. I must draw a solid plan for the coming months if I want to keep the word given to myself and to take CELI exam in the spring. Time will tell...


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