Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Languages - progress: July 2012

Another month passed by. Time for monthly language update, and there are a few surprises here. First, I beat another record of the time dedicated on languages: 58 hours (excluding English and Spanish). In July Swahili reappeared in the summary.

Hours spent
  • Total: 58
  • Arabic (Egyptian): 17,5
  • Arabic (MSA): 1,5
  • Italian: 13,5
  • French: 11
  • Portuguese: 10
  • Swahili: 2,5
  • Turkish: 2

I must admit that I have sort of problem with Arabic. First I make up my mind to focus on a dialect (in my case: Egyptian), then I move to MSA, and then I return to the dialect. I hope this time I’ll stick to my latest decision to focus on the Egyptian. I spent on this language 17,5 hours in July. I think the textbook “An Introduction to Egyptian Arabic” published by the University of Michigan is fantastic (I wrote a post about it but at the time being it’s only in Polish).
I drilled basic forms of the verb - imperfect and perfect, tenses: present, past and future (I wrote a post about it but again only in Polish). I was learning by heart vocabulary from the studied units. Unfortunately, the languages I already know don’t help me much with it.
In respect to grammatical issues, units I’ve studied so far included also (among other things): personal pronouns, relative pronouns, adjectives, prepositions and numerals. It’s pretty much but it’s always like this in the beginnings. To build even the most simple sentences you need to learn the basics of all the grammatical issues.
Only one and a half hours I spent on MSA - they were “remains” of the former decision.

According to my declarations, I dedicated more time than before to Italian. In July it was 13,5 hours. I used this time to review the conjugations and to read the book “Mondo senza fine” (“World withour end”) by Ken Follet. I think in September I’ll start doing some grammar exercises.

French took 11 hours of my time in July, much less than before, too little. I must plan better my study. I still do, orally, exercises from the “French Basic Course”, by the Foreign Language Institute. I translated next pages and noted down vocabulary from “L’Agenda 21” of the French town Saint Jean de la Ruelle. I watched several times news programs on France 24.

Better than in previous months looks Portuguese in my monthly summary - 11 hours. This time was more or less equally divided into watching the news on the RTP Internacional channel and reviewing some grammar from the book published by the Spanish Espasa (I regret I bought it as it’s poorly written - in my opinion). Watching the news means maximum concentration on the spoken parts plus noting down words and phrases that appear in the news bar at the bottom of the screen.

In the end of July Swahili returned to the summary with the total of 2,5 hours. This time was enough to review dozen units from the textbook “Swahili Basic Course” published by the FSI.

I spent only 2 hours on Turkish in July which is unpleasant surprise. It’s another alarm for me to better plan my time. Now I have a new strong motivation - the book “Kız kardeşim Madonna” (My sister Madonna) that I received lately (Serhat, teşekkür ederim).

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