Thursday, July 19, 2012

Salmon fishing in the Yemen

The movie "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" is at first glance a romantic tale, which takes place at different levels. There is an Arab sheikh with his seemingly unrealistic vision; there are two people looking for affection; there is a young man rescued from the turmoil of the war... After watching this movie, however, we are left with many thoughts and questions: about whether it is worth dreaming if it’s so difficult to realize our dreams; about the cynicism of the European governments; about the romanticism shown by a desert sheik in a country which is now the main seed of al-Qaeda; about whether one should throw on one tide all their life and career...

Fred (Ewan McGregor) works for the Department of Fisheries in one of the ministries in the UK. He can’t find his way of life, stuck in a loveless marriage. One day he meets an energetic young woman, Harriet (Emily Blunt), who works for a large corporation. They get involved in a business or rather a vision of a Yemeni sheik Muhammed, which seems to be unrealistic at first: he wants to start farming of salmon in his country. The British government gets engaged in the idea, looking for an attractive story for the media.

It’s an easy guess  that the way to that aim is not strewn with roses. It’s not so easy to find and transport thousands of salmon from Europe to the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. Of course, the area for them should be prepared, what requires a lot of money - but the sheikh doesn’t have to worry about that. Although Fred’s attitude to the idea is full of skepticism, his initial resistance gradually diminish as the project becomes for him a way to escape from a past life. The situation gets easier, but on the other hand: also tougher, as he hinders a new feeling - to Harriet. The problem is that she’s waiting for her boy, who has been sent on a mission to Afghanistan. Spokeswoman of the British prime minister gets in their way, doing whatever it takes to raise quotes of her boss (excellent Kristin Scott Thomas in that role).

When it seems that the sheikh’s plan succeeds, and Fred and Harriet can get close to each other, there come dramatic events. No, I’m not going to reveal any details... Watch for yourselves!

Title: Salmon fishing in the Yemen
Dir. Lasse Hallström
Cast. Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Kristin Scott Thomas, Amr Waked
Prod. Wielka Brytania, 2011
Time: 112 min.
The script was based on the novel by Paul Tordaya "Salmon Fishing in Yemen".

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