Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Receitas estão a cair

The title sentence of the today’s post comes from one of the headline of Telejornal broadcast by Portuguese TV channel RTP Internacional on Monday, July 7. I noted down some vocabulary connected with this topic below.

A full sentence that appeared on the screen was:
Receitas estão a cair mas a despesa da administração pública também baixou.
In English:
Incomes are gettig lower but expenses of the public administration also fell

receita - income, revenue; prescription, recipe
despesa - expense

Another headline connectted with the one given above was:
Contas do estado
conta - sum, account, bill, count
levar em conta - to take into account
tomar conta de - to look after
isso não é da sua conta - it’s none of your business
fazer de conta que - to pretend that
conta à ordem - current account

And some words derived from “conta”
contabilidade - book-keeping, accountancy, accounts department
contador - accountant; (also) story teller (conto - story, tale)

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