Monday, July 2, 2012

Languages - progress: June 2012

Another month passed by. It’s time for monthly summary on my languages. I beat my own record: 52 hours spent on learning - but a reminder: I don’t count the time dedicated to English and Spanish. It was another month when I spent the biggest amount of time on French.

Hours spent
Total: 52
French: 18,5
Turkish: 12
Arabic (MSA): 9
Arabic (Egyptian): 1,5
Italian: 7,5
Portuguese: 3,5
In June I spent on French 18.5 hours, several hours less that in May (23). I finished the textbook “Mówimy po francusku” (“We speak French”) and I reviewed a few times accompanying audio material. I wondered if I should then begin a textbook for intermediate learners, but I decided that I should rather drill what I’ve learned so far. So I took to “French Basic Course” of the Foreign Language Institute. In my opinion, the FSI courses are excellent. They might seem a bit boring but they really help you to train roughly the material you’re studying. Some seem better then the others. For example, the French course has more dialogs on everyday life and situations like shopping or traveling by train, than the Turkish one.
I also began to learn vocabulary connected with towns, investment, environment and education. I use for this purpose “L’Agenda 21” of a small French town Saint Jean de la Ruelle situated close to Orleanu. Apart from that, I watched a few time news programs on France 24 TV channel.

Second language, counting the time spent, was in June Turkish: 12 hours. I guess it was a bit too much as it’s not my priority. But I needed some time to drill relative and subordinate clauses which are difficult to master (at least for me) in this language.

I spent 10.5 hours on Arabic - far too little. I dedicated 9 hours to MSA and the rest - to the Egyptian dialect. The latter was done in June by chance - because Afrykańskie Koło Naukowe (students’ Society for African Affairs in Cracow) organized a free workshop of Egyptian Arabic. I thought: why not?

As I announced earlier, I’ve begun to work harder on my Italian. In June I spent 7.5 hours on it. Part of that time was dedicated to watching TV news broadcasts on Rai News, and another part - to review the conjugation of verbs. It might not be too passionate, but well, it’s necessary if I want to take an exam in spring next year.
I also began to read “Mundo senza fine” (“World without End”) by Ken Follett, which is sort of a sequel of “Pilares de la tierra” of the same author.

I spent the least time in June on Portuguese - only 3.5 hours. But I promise to catch up.

And last but not least: I passed an exam of the basic knowledge of the Polish sign language organized by Polski Związek Głuchych (Polish Deaf People Association).

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