Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Habari gani? Back to Swahili

This is my second attempt to Swahili and I hope this one will be more successful than the previous, from about a year ago. As I then wrote I would like to learn at least one language spoken on every continent. Swahili was my first choice from Africa. I am aware that Arabic is also spoken on this continent, but it was my second choice.

First step was to review some basics I studied a year ago. Today I went through first ten lessons. Some things are easier to recall, others are more difficult. We’ll see how it’ll work out. At present I try not to think about the difficulties connected with pronouns, verb structures and noun groups. I hope this time I’ll have more determination in learning them. My basic books are “Foreign Language Institute - Swahili Basic Course” and Colloquial Swahili. I wrote many times that I regarded FSI course as very excellent. What’s more important they’re accompanied by plenty of audio material which can’t be overestimated.

Fingers crossed! I’ll be posting here updates on my progress.

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