Monday, July 30, 2012

Future Tense in Egyptian Arabic

Expressing future in the Egyptian dialect is very simple. You just add a prefix “Ha-” to an imperfect form of the verb. And if it begins with a vowel the prefix is shortened  to “H-”. This happend only in the first person singular. Thus: “HaruuH” - “I will go”, “Hatishrab” - “you will drink”.

Grammatically speaking there are only two tenses in the Egyptian Arabic: imperfect (used mainly for present and future events) and perfect (used mainly for past events).
To form future we just add “Ha” to the verb conjugated as in the present tense (but without an optative prefix “bi-”).


حتروحت Ha-tiruuH
حيروحوا Ha-yiruuHu
حتروحت Ha-tiruuH
حروحنا Ha-niruuH

To make a negation we just add مش (mish) before the verb:
مش حروح (mish HaruuH) - I will not go

بكرة حروح المتحف
بعدين حدخل السينما
حيكثب جوباث
حثشرب القهوة

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