Saturday, June 9, 2012

Languages – progress: May 2012

May was a bit better than April, in regard with the amount of hours dedicated to learning languages – 46 (previously 45). It's only one hour more, but still better result. French was still a priority, but more time that before I spent on Turkish. I still try to master the basics of the MSA.

I dedicated to French 23 hours. I was able to do lessons 36 through 61 from the book „Mówimy po francusku” („We speak French”). In addition I listened several times audio material from this course, containing lessons 1-70. The most important grammatical issues studied: conditional (Conditionnel présent), Past Tense (Imparfait), participles, passive voice, reflexive pronouns, adverb, another past tense called Passé récent, as well as Subjuntive (Subjonctif). Much of the grammat, but this is what I like! I spent several hours watching information programs brodcast by the Feance 24 channel. I understood a lot!

The second languages as it comes to the number of the hours was Turkish: total of 10. Most of the time I dedicated to conditional tense, which in Turkish is not so simple – hm, and what is simple in this language?! The most interesting thins is that the formulas and grammatical principles seem logical, without exceptions and when you study them they're easy to understand. The problem appears when you need to use them. All because of the different way of building words and sentences that in Polish. But I don't surrender, because Turkish is one of those languages I like the most.

I spent 9,5 hours on Arabic in May, all of it on MSA. I took away the Egyptian dialect for some time to get to know better the literary language. Later I will return to Egyptian but for now I want to get a solid mastery of the MSA basics.

I dedicated much less time to Portuguese – 2 hours and Italian – 1,5. I didn't study new things, but I only watched news on TV, trying to catch and repeat as many words and sentences as I could. I think I did it with success.

I'm doing better and better with the sign language. In comparison to other languages – it's pure fun!

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