Saturday, June 9, 2012

Languages – progress: April 2012

Since I started to register how much time I spend on learning foreign languages, it turned out that April was the best month so far. I dedicated the total of 45 hours to it. In fact, it's not the full amount as I don't register the hours spent on English and Spanish – those about which I can say that I know at the C2 level. Anyway I don't sit on my laurels and I try to read or watch something every day or every other day.

From among other languages I dedicated most time on French – 24 hours. The cause was simple: because of my professional duties I expected that I would have an occasion to practice what I had learned. I can't say I was doing excellently, but I think I don't need to feel ashamed.
In April I finished the third and last level of the Pimsleur course (not taking into account level IV which in my opnion is a waste of time). I took to the Polish book „Mówimy po francusku” („We speak French”) from which I have already studied 35 lessons – exactly half of them. The lessons included, among others, such grammatical issues as Present Tense (Présent), Past Tense (Passé composé) and Future Tense (Futur proche and Futur simple), numerals, dates, pronouns, adjectives etc.

The second language, when it comes to the number of the hours dedicated to, was Arabic – MSA: 9,5 and Egiptian dialect: 4,5. In regard with the first, I made five lessons from the texbook „Teach Yourself Arabic”. It took some time, but I believe that a solid mastery of basics of a language that is so different than the ones I learned before is necessary. Additional difficulty is a different alphabet and a fact that not all the vowels are written, which makes it more difficult to learn to read fluently.
I tried to watch a bit TV channel Al-Jazeera, but at the moment I wasn't able to catch out many words.
In regard with the Egyptian dialect, I finished the book „Colloquial Arabic of Egypt” and I spent a few hours reviewing the material using the „L-R” method which means „listening-repeating”.

Other languages – I don't have a right to be proud in this matter. I spent only 4,5 hours on Turkish, 2 hours on Portuguese and only half an hour on Italian. I can't explain it but lately I feel a bit „pushed off” by the latter. I hope not for long, because generally I like Italian.

Maybe it's worth mentioning here that I returned to sign language. I must admit that many years ago I was really good at it as I was using it every day. Now I need to brush up my memory a bit, and I feel it's quite satisfactory.

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