Monday, June 11, 2012

Je vais écrire quelque chose

French tense Futur proche is described as near future tense. It serves to describe futur activities, and not only those that may occur in the nearest future - despite its name. It’s very often used in everyday situation, even oftener than Futur simple.

Construction of this tense is very straightforward:
auxiliary verb aller (conjugated in présent) + infinitive of the main verb (infinitif)

Example: travailler
je vais travailler
tu vas travailler
il va travailler
elle va travailler
nous allons travailler
vous allez travailler
ils vont travailler
elles vont travailler

Reflexive verb
je vais me laver
tu vas te laver
il va se laver
elle va se laver
nous allons nous laver
vous allez vous laver
ils vont se laver
elles vont se laver

As can be seen from the above examples, both the contruction as the use of this tense are very simple, so there’s no need to elaborate on this any longer.

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