Saturday, April 7, 2012

Language update (19 March – 7 April)

Time passes by so quickly. I didn't have much time for studying and reading in the last weeks but I tried to do my best. I still try do spend much time on Arabic, Turkish, French and Portuguese. Last week I spent more time than usually watching Spanish info channel 24 Horas and reading Spanish translation of the Ken Follett's book,Los pilares de la tierra.

When I finishedAprende y mejora rápidamente tu portuguésI took toGramática portuguesaeditada por Espasa to review some grammatical issues. At present I am reviewing the verb system and conjugations.
I finishedColloquial Arabic of Egypt. Now I'm looking for another book to go on with my studies. I still haven't decided if I should switch to the Modern Standard Arabic for some time to get the grisp of the language used in official situations as well as in the media and books. I also did some scriptorium in Arabic (proof attached).

I admit I am stuck with Turkish. I've been doing over and over exercises from the Foreign Language Institute course to drill some structures in my memory. Without doing this I don't think I should go any farther.
As for French, I am still in the course of the Pimsleur level III. I did half of it. I hope to finish it at the end of the month.
As I've been expecting some guests from Spanish speaking countries in the coming days I took to some Spanish lately. Every day I watch TV news (especially on 24 Horas) and I began to read „Los pilares de la tierra”, a Spanish translation of the Ken Follett's novel (over 1300 pages!)


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