Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Je reviens au français

This week I've decided to take seriously to French. For several weeks I've done Pimsleur French course. Now I'm at the third level. I hope I'll finish this course before the end of April. In the meantime I returned to the Polish texbook „Mówimy po francusku” („We speak French”). Today I did lessons 21 and 22 dealing mainly with Future Tense (Future Simple).

French was one of the languages I started to learn many times. First time I was at seven grade of primary school. Second time while in secondary school, third... I can't remember exactly. But there's always been something more interesting – Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi etc. Maybe I didn't have enough motivation as I don't have a family in France, I never really wanted to go there as a tourist (although I guess I'll go there some day). Now there's a chance I'll need this language in my work so I think there's a good opportunity to return to it.

Below some hints about Future Simple. Generally you just add given suffixes to the infinitive, as following (I stands for infinitive):
je I + ai             nous I + ons
tu I + as            vous I + ez
il/elle I + a       ils/elles I + ont

Example – voyager
je voyagerai
tu voyageras
il/elle voyagera
nous voyagerons
vous voyagerez
ils/elles voyageront

Some verbs are irregular. Here they are:
aller – j'irai
faire – je ferai
pouvoir – je pourrai
savoir – je saurai
tenir – je tiendrai
venir – je viendrai
voir – je verrai
vouloir – je voudrai

Other important verbs:
être – je serai
avoir – j'aurai
devoir – je devrai


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