Tuesday, April 17, 2012


„Let's get started!” – it's a title of the first chapter of „Teach Yourself Arabic” by Jack Smart and Frances Altorfer. After I have finished the „Colloquial Arabic of Egypt” I thought I would switch to Modern Standard Arabic. This should help me to understand the news broadcast on official TV channels as Al-Jazeera and the like.

This course might not be the best, but it covers all the grammar one needs to master the bacics of the language. After „Colloquial” course with lessons that are just transcribed and then you can find all the readings and some of the exercises at the end of the book in the Arabic script – which in fact doesn't help you with the language, this one is much better as it offers a learner more full experience, not only covering the vocabulary and grammar, but also the script.
First chapter of „TY Arabic” deals with essentials as greetings (most of them, if not all, have their specific answers), saying how you are, where you're from and to describe some things with the most common adjectives.
Along with the first lesson from the book I did four audio lessons from the accompanying CD.

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