Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly update (5-11 March)

Procrastination – I'd rather not to have learned this word, not mentioning its meaning. Although this week I did some progress in my languages, especially in Egyptian Arabic, I didn't start to watch TV news in French neither in Turkish :( I promise myself to do this, starting Monday (March, 12th). I also studied some Portuguese, Turkish and French.

As can be seen from my last updates, the languages I've focused for a few last weeks are: Arabic in its Egyptian dialect, Portuguese, Turkish and French. I also try to watch some TV in Italian but I must admit it's a real ordeal. I don't know why but it's very boring for me – watching TV in Italian. Although when I meet Italian people and talk to them, it's all very refreshing and interesting. Is it the way the present the information on Rai News? Is it because they seem to be nearly shouting the news at the audience? That's my impression. And I can hardly explain it.
As for Arabic, Im still struggling throughColloquial Arabic Of Egypt. I really want to learn all the material contained in this book. It may not be much, but it's essential for further study. I had some doubts lately if I am able to learn Arabic at all. Am I getting old and it takes me more time to learn new things? Is it harder and harder to remember what I read and to memorize all those plurals, conjugations and exeptions? I want to believe – not. I want to believe sometime it's just to much, and I try to push myself too hard...
And this week, look! I really enjoyed my Arabic studies. I took to verbs and conjugations, and I really enjoyed it. I can express essential things, activities of the daily routine and talk about my hobbies. What I need now is to start to listen to Egyptians talking or singing. I need to find a good website with audio material, I hope there is such... I plan to watch TV news in Arabic, but they are usually broadcast in MSA, so it's not I need the most right now. But it still could help me with the flow of the language, pronunciation, accent etc.

On Wednesday I started the third part of the Pimsleur Speak and Read French course. I learned to differentiate the verbs of motion from the others. It's like in Italian. In some cases to construct the past tense you use “to be” and sometimes of “to have”.
Je suis arrivé – I have come, I came
Je suie allé – I have gone, I went
J'ai vu – I have seen, I saw
J'ai acheté – I have bought, I bought

This week was a kind of rest from Turkish. I only did some repetition with audio drills.
I reviewed some grammatical issues from “Aprende y mejora rápidamente tu portugués”, the book I finished in the previous week. This week I also read some things connected with grammar from “Gramática portuguesa” published by the Spanish company Espasa.

Apart from that I watched some news on TV in Spanish and English, as always, and in Italian. In the coming week I'll try to do my best not to procrastinate and to start watching TV in French and Turkish, and to took seriously to the scriptorium about which I read in my previous update.

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