Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly update (27 February-4 March)

Last week I didn’t do so much as I could, I must admit it. But everyone needs a bit of rest sometimes, even from the things he loves to do… I continued drilling grammar and vocabulary of the four of the languages I’ve studied for several weeks, namely Egyptian Arabic, French, Turkish and Portuguese.

As for Arabic, I’m still studying “Colloquial Arabic Of Egypt”. I believe the most important matter at the very early stage of language learning is to drill, drill, drill what you learn. Without a thorough knowledge of the basic constructions and vocabulary you can’t really make remarkable progress. According to this rule I try to drill everything I learn to “engrave” it into my brain. I guess I might have wrote it already but at present the worst thing for me is to learn all those words with their plurals (which you have to learn separately).

On Sunday I finished the second part of the Pimsleur Speak and Read French course. Not many new things this time. On Monday evening I plan to start the third and the last part.
I also finished the first part of the FSI Turkish Basic Course. Though the word “finished” is too much said. In the coming days I’ll still drill what I’ve learned. “Scriptorium” part I’m doing at the moment is also connected with the Turkish.

It seems last week was a “finishing” week for me. I ended “Aprende y mejora rápidamente tu portugués” book. Unidad 15 was the last unit of this textbook. Time to move on. I guess I will take a grammar book I bought some time ago while in Spain and I’ll drill some grammatical issues and constructions.

Apart from that I watched some news on TV in Spanish and English, as always, and in Italian. This week it’s time to start watching TV in French and Turkish.

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