Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekly update (12-18 March)

Procrastination – my dear friend spent with me another week. Last week. This update will be a bit similar to the previous one. I took seriously to Egyptian Arabic, especially to verb system. It takes so long to master this grammatical issue. But I must admit that nearly all of the languages I've learned were much easier, English, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese – at least when it comes to verbs. Last week I also learned some Portuguese, Turkish and French. I did a bit of scriptorium in Italian.

The book I'm learning Arabic from has been published inColloquialseries. I don't think it's the best one, but it's sufficient for a beginner. I only regret that the readings are transcribed, and if you want learn to read you have to look for the original texts at the end of the book. But all the words lists, grammatical issues are explained using transcription. I prefer to learn to speak and read at the same time. And learning a new spelling system, so complicated as Arabic, is vital in achieving a success.
That's why my main goal those days is to master the grammar taught inColloquial Arabic of Eygptalong with the most useful words. I'd like to finish the book until the end of April. Then I need to look for another source to get deeper knowledge of the language. Maybe I should turn to MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) for some time to get a grisp of the way the media present news, give comments etc. Such approach would make it easier for me to watch Al-Jazeera in Arabic.

Other things I done in my studies were:
*Turkish – I'm trying to drill, drill, drill the exercises from the first part of the FSI course. While on my way to work and back I do L-R, which means listening and repeating. Over and over again...
*Italian – I did a little bit of scriptorium. It was a text about a group of fugitives from Libya who wanted to come to Italy – “Sbarco di clandestini alle porte di Roma”, published in La Repubblica in October 2010. Pretty old article, but I bought this daily while in Italy, now it's time to read it. I also watched some Rai News.

Not much :(
In fact I slowed down a bit with other languages for the time being to have more time to get solid base of Arabic. It'll remain my priority in the coming weeks. And French.


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