Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly update (13-19 February)

This week I haven't spent much time on learning languages. That's due to my travel to Thessaloniki in Greece to attend the international conference „Feeling Safe”. I took „Colloquial Arabic of Egypt” to review some vocabulary and grammar. After a return I took to some French and Portuguese.

I must admit I struggle through „Colloquial Arabic of Egypt”. Arabic is not an easy language for me and I guess I should put more effort to it. The truth is it's not my priority and I don't even know if I'll have an opportunity to speak it in the nearest future. Perhaps if I went to Egypt for a holiday... But I don't think it'll be this year... Nevertheless in Thessaloniki I had sort of my first conversation, extremely short, in Arabic. Nothing particular in fact but I'm proud that I was able to produce some words and I uderstood what I was told :)

While in Thessaloniki I had also an opportunity to speak English (nearly all of the time), Italian (with some friends) and Spanish (with some friends). It was quite a fun to be able to communicate freely with all those people and to be able to understood what they were talking during the conference without an interpreter.
Oh, and I know four Greek words: "kalimera" (good morning), "kalispera" (good evening), "efharisto" (thank you), "parakalo" (please).

When back, I did another lesson from Pimsluer French II. I do this course mainly while driving to work or on a threadmill at the gym. This week I did only unit 21 from this course. I learned a new word: „emmener” which means „to take away”, „drive”, „to take with oneself”. The whole sentence sounds like this: „Est-ce que tu peux m'emmener en ville?”

I spent some time on Portuguese. It's one of my favorite languages. I prefer European version to Brazilian one. I try to watch „Telejornal” on RTP Internacional every other day and I try to repeat some of the things I hear just to drill them. This week I returned to „Aprende y mejora rápidamente tu portugués” (written in Spanish) which I had bought some time ago while in Barcelona. I studied „Unidad 14” which contains a reading and vocabulary related to culture and arts as well as some important grammatical issues: passive voice, „por” and „para” prepositions, compound sentences and position of the pronouns in the future and conditional tenses (I'm going to write more about this later on).

Some new Portuguese words I've learned:
lava-loiça - sink
a buraca na camada de ozono – a hole in the ozone layer
ginásio - gym
sapateado – tap dance
rajada de vento – gust of wind
uma cerca à volta da quinta – a fence around the household/farm
gado – cattle


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