Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Novas palavras portuguesas

Yesterday I watched some TV news in French and then in Portuguese. I have to admit that I like especially Telejornal which I watch on RTP Internacional via satellite. It lasts for an hour and has many interesting news covering broad range of topics.
I watched evening news broadcast from 21.00 until 22.00 Warsaw time, which means from 20.00 until 21.00 local time in Portugal. They discussed many things. This time I just watched for pleasure - well, for learning too. However I didn't take notes of everything that was covered. 
I recall some word and phrases which I think might be useful some time. Here they are:

leilão - auction, sale, public sale + leilões (plural)
leiloar - to auction, to sell at auction

reclamar - to demand, to claim
reclamar contra - to complain about

assobio - whistle, hiss
assobiar - to whistle
assobiado - whistled

I remember the whole headline with assobiado. It said: "Mourinho assobiado" and treated about Jose Mourinho, a trainer of Real Madrid. It seems he's not a favorite sports manager in Spain at the moment.


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