Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Over one hundred posts

It seemed so difficult at the beginning. To write a blog. When I decided to go online more fully that only on Facebook, some of my friends told me I wouldn't have time to write updates or something interesting. Nevertheless I thought I might try. I thought: if I don't succeed nothing will happen, the earth will not collapse, the stars will not fall. It would be just the end of my small online thing.
More than half a year later, I'm still here.

There are more than one hundred posts I wrote. Not too much, but on the other hand, not so little. They might not be great, they might not be very important for the human existence, but they are mine, they show what I do, that I think, what I am. And even more important: they help me write in other languages than my native, Polish. Most of the posts are of course in English, but there are more and more in Spanish. I hope there'll be more in Italian in the upcoming weeks.
I am working on posting here some info about my Madonna's collection. I have a profile on an excellent site www.madonnadiscography.pl and I won't be duplicating it, just want to share what I got with others, somewhat interested in it.
As for now, I enjoy my 101st post! It was an occasion to re-organize slightly the blog, to remove separate pages for languages; instead the pages describing my hobbies were created.

I hope more and more people will enjoy what they read here and some of the will be willing to leave some comments, especially when it comes to writing in other languages, which would be of great help to me to improve my command of them.


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