Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday 2011. Countdown: 6 days

Another page from the calendar, a day less to this year's holiday. Not passed yet, but almost. It's dark and gloomy outside the window, another coffee helps with it, Madonna's singing, keyboard tap tap under my fingers. My friends seem a bit jealous of that leave. They must have forgotten that they have already had their time lying on the beach, hitch-hiking in the mountains, visiting monuments, while I was sitting behind my desk, controling deadlines of the projects, completing documentation, taking care for the delegations. No, I'm not complaining, after all I myself chose the time for a holiday. Now they are the ones who'll sweat, and I'm already with one leg in the plane!

The first country we'll tavel to this time will be Thailand. Our tour will be divided into two parts. First, for five days after arrival, then we'll have a one and a half week break for Malaysia and Cambodia. We plan to spend first days exploring Bangkok, Ayuthaya and Tiger Temple in Kachanaburi. The second part, about two weeks, is intended for sunbathing, relaxing, ping-pong show, visiting islands, nature parks etc., and finally, shopping. I hope that in Bangkok, except for a few t-shirts, I'll be able to buy some CDs of my favorite Madonna. Thai releases, except for the single „Don't Cry For Me Argentina”, which was released as a 3-inch CD, don't differ much from those European ones, but for me the phrase „Made in Thailand” is of much importance.

It might happen that our plans will have to be modified a little, because Ayuthaya was recently under water. Perhaps in a week its monuments, inscribed as the UNESCO World Heritage Heritage, will be re-opened for public, but it's noting definite yet. For now, the complex is closed. We hope we'll get to the Tiger Temple in Kachanaburi. That town was not flooded.

We follow the successive reports on flooding on the website of the Thai government. I must admit that they prepare very good information for tourists and,what's more important, they keep them updated.


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