Friday, November 4, 2011

Holiday 2011. Countdown: 5 days

Preparations for departure are gaining speed. Flight on Wednesday so theres only this weekend left for shopping, gathering information, collecting documents. Passports prepared, copied and scanned. Today Ive bought the insurance, another expenditure :(. Luckily well save on visas. Until recently two entries to Thailand cost 200 PLN per person, but a couple of weeks ago they abolished this obligation. Its not only one expense less but in addition we wont need to queue at the airport. Polish travelers dont need either visa to enter Malaysia. Well have to stand in line only in Cambodia. Maybe it wont be that tough experience as its said to be

Malaysia is certainly a very interesting country but itll be only an addition to our trip to Thailand. So well visit only two places there, at a real Japanese speed. One of them will be the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Well go also on a day trip do Melaka, a town enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Patrimony, where the remains of the Dutch rule are still visible. Well see, maybe well be able to pop out somewhere else for a day or half a day from KL.

The capital of Malaysia reportedly isnt so admiring as Bangkok, due to its business-like character but there are still dozen things worth seeing during a short stay. For me shopping centers will be also interesting, strictly speaking: music stores. Im going to spend a lot of time among the shelves searching for Madonnas albums and singlesMade in Malaysia.


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