Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holiday 2011. Countdown: 3 days

Sunday was critical to our travel. In regard with new alarming reports about the flood in Thailand, we had to verify and modify the itinerary. Great wave still threatens Bangkok so we decided to postpone the tour around the capital and visiting surrounding areas for the end of our stay that is for the beginning of December. We hope that by then the water won't be there any more, at least not in the center.

Such being the case, we'll go from the airport straight to the city of Pattaya to benefit from its beaches. Unfortunately we'll have to come back to Bangkok because from its airport we have a flight to Kuala Lumpur. Shame...
For a moment we were considering even accelerating a departure to Kuala Lumpur to visit more places in Malaysia, and to use this opportunity to go to Singapore but it turned out that re-booking plane tickets would be too expensive. Let's hope that the water will spare the Suvarnabhumi International Airport and at least we'll depart and... land on dry land.
Today I was checking once again bus and train routes, timetables, ticket prices, opening hours of museums, temples, palaces etc. I also noted down addresses of the hotels, attractions, clubs and pubs – yes, relaxing means also a cup of coffee in the afternoon and a beer in the evening!

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