Monday, November 7, 2011

Holiday 2011. Countdown: 2 days

Excitement in anticipation of the summer holidays is growing and it will soon reach its climax. Soon, that is on Wednesday when our flight is scheduled. This excitement comes from the fact that we'll travel to exotic countries, but also – and at the moment even more – from the fact that the situation in Bangkok is still far from good. Far from good is an euphemism, since residents of the subsequent districts were called to evacuate, and apart from that local authorities have started today to monitor several stations of the underground transport system in fear of being flooded.

We're not sure now whether to pray for a safe landing in Bangkok and a safe trip south to Pattaya where we're going to spend first couple of days or rather for flooding in the airport and flight cancellations. No way we'd resign by ourselves because we paid thousands of zlotys for our tickets. Well, no doubt the adventure of a lifetime is awaiting us. And we thought that last year's holiday in India will be difficult to beat!
Today we've finished our private guide. The final version has 16 pages and includes all necessary information for our jorney. Tomorrow we're starting to pack so that on Wednesday everything be ready. Today and tomorrow we're going to read the website of the Thai government on which official info about the situation is being published as well as the site of the English-language newspaper „The Nation”, which is probably more objective than the governmental one...

„The Nation” site can be read after clicking the link below (in English):

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