Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holiday 2011. Countdown: 1 day

No alarming news from Bangkok today, so I guess we can somewhat breath a sigh of relief. It seems we'll depart and land safely. In fact the water level in the vicinity of the Suvarnabhumi International Airport is not decreasing, yet its authorities ensure that the shafts are solid and there's no danger. Wait and see. Departure tomorrow at 15.25 from the airport in Balice. We're arriving in Bangkok at 15.05 local time, which means 9.05 in our time zone.

This morning I've already made check-in for both flights, to Vienna and then to Bangkok. For the first time I've downloaded boarding cards straight to my smartphone. I hope it won't fail at the airport... The evening passed on packing. Clothes? Ready. Guide? Too. Chargers? One, two, three, four... How many? Well, the manufacturers insist that each device had different plug. I can understand that Samsung will have other plugs than e.g. Apple, but the fact that each device of that company has a different plug is beyond my comprehension. So all the chargers packed. Maps of places we're going to visit? Packed. Analgesics, spray for mosquitos, suntan oil, spare lenses, glasses, padlock (padlock? well, it may be useful), adapter for an electrical outlet (necessary in Malaysia)... Phew, seems that's all. In fact there are not so many things.
And a book cannot be forgotten, to be read on the plane or on the beach – this time the gripping reading is titled „Egyptian phrasebook”. And a movie is being downloaded to the tablet. Just in case we got bored of running around duty free shops at the airport.

Last glance at the website of the Thai government and of the newspaper „The Nation”. During the flood their articles are available free in PDF format to all those interested. Oh, they already released November 9 issue! Well, after all, they are six hours ahead of us.

The information from „The Nation” is available after clicking on the link below (in English):
Front page of "The Nation", November 8 issue


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