Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Language update: أنا اسمي ﺑﺸﻤﻚ

I didn’t do much with my languages lately. I focused on studying the first lessons from “Colloquial Arabic of Egypt”. It’s not an easy language for me, but I hope I’ll manage to learn basic things to be able to communicate in everyday situations.

I learned some basic sentences – to present myself and to say what I do for a living. I can count up to 100 and I know basic colors. I think I would be able to order a tea or coffee and to buy bread, cheese, apples and other food.
I also learned some prepositions, so I should be able to say things like “the table is next to the window”, “the book is on the table” or “the chair is between the table and the bed”, and also that “the street X is here and the X square is there” and so alike.
I guess in a few days I will try to write some sentences in Arabic, though it won’t be easy.
This week I need to re-do writing exercises. I learned Arabic alphabet some time ago, but didn’t use it. Now I need to refresh my memory and go through all the exercises in the “Teach Yourself Beginner’s Arabic Script.

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