Friday, August 26, 2011

Language update: Português

It seems that August is a good month to make some repetitions on my languages. I must admit I left Portuguese for some time. Now I've discovered its beauty once again. I prefer continental version, that is Portuguese of Portugal. Maybe Brazilian version sound a bit more nice, especially with these soft sounds in words like „cidade” or „quente”, but I still prefer those harder sounds produced by the Portuguese.

The book I'm studying at the moment is „Aprende y mejora rápidament tu portugués” by Maria Cristina A. Duarte, published in Spain by De Vecchi. In Poland there are not many books for learning Portuguese so I bought it while on a holiday in Spain some time ago. Though it's not any good, I still can learn some new things from it.
Later today, or tomorrow I will start posting in Portuguese. We'll see how it will work out. That'll be the way to practice more the language.


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