Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Language update: Back to Turkish

Bugün işe giderken biraz Türkçe öğrendim.
I started to learn Turkish before going to Turkey in 2008. I spent there one month of a holiday. Then I stopped, not having enough time. I wanted to spend it on other languages I needed to use at work. I’ve learned Turkish for more than a year and I must admit I learned many things. I can read simple things in books and papers. I can express some basic thoughts, describe myself, the place where I live, things I like to do. And much more. But I must also admit that it’s a very difficult language for me because it works differently than others I’ve learnt so far, such as English, Spanish, Italian…

I don’t have many opportunities to use it, and that’s why I’ve hardly ever practiced, not including reading or listening – I sometimes watch TRT Türk (thanks to the satellite dish I installed a year ago or so).
Several days ago I felt like returning to Turkish. On Monday afternoon and evening, and this morning I took “Colloquial Turkish” book to revise some of the units. It went well. Maybe I needed a break to regain the joy of learning Turkish? I hope this time I will be more stable in my “feelings” and I will at least finish the book with a conviction that I really learned the things contained in it.
I have some Turkish friends on Facebook. I will try then to exchange some of my thoughts with them. We’ll see how this is going to work out…

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