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Unfinished work of Charles Dickens

“The Mystery of Edwin Drood” is the final novel by Charles Dickens. Unfortunately it was left unfinished. Dickens died before he finished the story. It remains unknown how it might have ended. The title borrows the name of Edwin Drood, but it mostly tells the story of his uncle, John Jasper. One day Edwin disappears and the suspicions go to Neville Landless, a young man who just came from Ceylon with his twin sister Helena. Edwin and Neville dislike or even hate each other from the very moment the meet. It seems obvious that when Edwin disappears after having walked out with Neville, everybody suspects the latter to be the murderer. Although all the Cloisterham is sure of Neville’s guilt, there is no proof of this.
The reader also learns that John Jasper loves Rosa Bud, Drood’s fiancée and tells her one day that he would do anything to have her for himself. Dickens introduces more and more characters and those who know his works may be sure that the author has a clear objective in creating them. We’ll never know how the plot developed, because as I’ve already said, the novel is unfinished.
It’s worth mentioning that it’s probable the only story in which Dickens describes people who are drug-addicted. Although opium was at that time regarded a cure, not everyone used it as such.
The killer, if the murder was committed, is not revealed. Nevertheless, it’s generally believed that John Jasper, Edwin's uncle, is the murderer. I partake that opinion. Why? Just read the book and judge for yourself.

PS. The edition by Wordsworth Classics contains, apart from “The Mystery…” several short stories: “Master Humphrey’s Clock”, “Hunted Down”, “Holiday Romance” and “George Silverman’s Explanation” – which I’ve not yet finished reading.

Title: The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Author: Charles Dickens
Paperback: 412 pages
Publisher: Wordsworth Editions Ltd., 1998
Language: English

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