Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Project: Kiswahili

After some busy weeks I think I'll have more time now and it's high time to sit down and concentrate on Swahili. I have a plan which I call "Project Kiswahili" - to be able to communicate at least at intermediate level in a year.
As with any other languages I've learned so far, I don't use only one resource. I'd rather use several books. After a short time I try to listen to the radio or watch TV news, not mentioning my attempts to read short articles from the newspapers.
Following is a short list of resources I am using now:

Colloquial Swahili
authors: Lutz Marten, Donovan Lee MacGrath 
book with audio files 

Teach Yourself Swahili
author: Joan Russell
book with audio files

Swahili Basic Course
Foreign Language Institute
edited by: Carleton T. Hodge
book with audio files
available free at: 

Pimsleur Swahili
Compact 1-10
CD set of ten lessons- only audio
You can listen to the lesson 1 here

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