Sunday, June 19, 2011

Language update: Pimsleur Russian finished

A few days ago I finished listening to the Pismleur Russian course. It consists of three parts, 30 lessons each. The whole course includes 48 hours of spoken language practice. As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I've learned Russian for eight years at school, but then I had no contact with the language. Last year I returned to it and I must admit I quite like it. 
I started to refresh my knowledge with Pimsleur audio course which might not be the best, but is very convenient to use in your car. You just repeat the sentences after the speaker and learn to create them by yourself.
Although in my opinion, the method is a bit boring, it really helps you to learn pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar in a similar way to how we acquire our native language components.

You can hear a sample lesson here

Moreover, I started to watch the news channel Russia 24 – in Russian: Россия 24 (previously the channel was named “Vesti”). It covers major national and international events with a Russian perspective and a focus on domestic issues.
Official site:


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