Friday, June 3, 2011

The Borgias – original crime family

Do you remember the series “The Tudors”? Now you can watch “The Borgias”. The series has been made using the same idea. And it’s even better in my opinion. Maybe it’s due to the story it tells. And the scenario was written by life itself. Life of the Borgia family, the Italian dynasty of Spanish origin. The most famous of them, Rodrigo Borgia, became in 1492 the Pope Alexander VI (in this role: Jeremy Irons, who won the Academy Award as best actor in 1990, for “Reversal of Fortune”). The series was created in 2011 by Neil Jordan (he won an Oscar for best original screenplay, for “The Crying Game”). The series premiered in The United States on Showtime on April 3, 2011.

The first episode shows the election of Rodrigo Borgia to the papal throne through simony and bribery with the help of his son, Cesare. Rodrigo became Pope Alexander VI. With the help of his family, he takes on his enemies while striking alliances with other European powers to strengthen his position. He doesn’t hesitate to commit every sin to amass and retain power, influence and enormous wealth for himself and his family.
His rival, cardinal Della Rovere travels across Europe to seek allies to depose the sinful pope. He manages to persuade the French king Charles to invade Italy and to head for Rome to remove pope Alexander in exchange for supporting his claims to the throne of Naples.
I won’t say a word how the first season ends. See for yourself.
We can be sure that the “original crime family” – as the series is advertised, will return. Showtime ordered a second season.

I first read about the Borgias when I was at school. I love reading, I love history and AT that time I was interested very much In genealogy. I could spend hours and hours in the libraries searching for connections between royal and noble families across Europe. I read several books about the Borgias and I was amazed every time when I read how they managed to get the position they occupied. Of course, their success didn’t last long, but their influence on the history of Italy and Europe at that time was enormous.

So when you will have watched the film, try to find a book in which you’ll be able to read even more about the “original crime family”.

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