Saturday, May 21, 2011

Learning through blogging

In February I started to write my own blog. Late? Yes, a bit. My first blog treats about my passion for languages, travels, books, music and movies. Now I decided to create a second one – dedicated strictly to learning Swahili.
Stupid? You may ask “How can you write about a language you are learning?” I think I can. That’s why I named this blog “Multigato in Swahili. Blog of a Swahili learner”. I think it will be the best way for me to be more active in language learning.
I will try to do my best to post regularly.

I hope some Swahili speakers will visit this blog and will be of much help to me as well as to other Swahili learners. Let’s hope so! All the comments and opinions are more than welcome.

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