Monday, April 25, 2011

Turkey (2008): Pamukkale


On the way back to Istanbul we decide to visit Pamukkale, famous for its beautiful limestone deposits on the mountainside Cökelez. It has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
From Bodrum we go to Denizli, the journey takes about 5 hours; from here we get on the bus to Pamukkale. Landscape of hills from which the water full of calcium flows is really an unforgettable experience. 

Admission is 20 YTL but is worth it. It's probably the only such place in the world. In addition, the water is supposed to have medicinal properties and is good for skin! Along the way we pass people paddling wherever possible. Women put white clay on their faces. Maybe it would be good for us as well? At the hill you can bathe in thermal waters; however it's not a pool but actually a tank with rocks so you need to be careful not to break you legs. Relaxed after limestone baths and facials we go back to Denizli. At night we take a bus to Istanbul (service every hour). The journey takes 10 hours overnight, it's seems the ideal solution. In the morning we arrive to the Turkish capital where we feel almost at home.

Pamukkale offers one of the most magnificent views in the world
After a few days in Istanbul we decide to go to Bourgas earlier than we planned, to explore a bit this Bulgarian town. After reaching the place we quickly find a hotel located just a few minutes from the bus station. We pay around €35 for a double room, but we don't want to look any futher.
Bourgas itself is ugly and has a musty atmosphere of the old socialistic time, apart from several streets full of tourists. Beach is broad, but neglected, with abandoned stands and ruined pavilions, which probably housed souvenir shops and restaurants many years ago. It doesn't make a good impression. Well, it's good we've stopped here only for one day.
9.09 in the morning, at 8.40, we have a return flight to Poland. We land in Katowice at 9.40. The bus to Kraków is already waiting for us.


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