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Turkey (2008): Bodrum, Kos


Bodrum is situated about 170 km from Selçuk, the trip isn't tiring. In this beautiful resort on the Mediterranean coast we spend a few days. The bus station is in the center, you can walk from there on foot to one of the many guest houses near the beach. The city is a popular resort, not only among the Turkish families, but also among the Germans or Poles.


Near the beach you can find a double room with breakfast for 20-30 YTL. Foreign tourists usually come in organized groups with travel agencies and stay in the hotel complexes a few kilometers away from downtown. From the hotels minibuses run to the city every hour.

St. Peter Castle
Tourist information point is located near the St. Peter Castle, at Baris Meydanı
*Sen Piyer Kalesi - St. Peter Castle, with spectacular battlements and towers; open Tues-Sun 8-12 and 13-17, admission 10 YTL.
*Underwater Archeological Museum - one of the most important and largest in the world; open Tues-Sun 9-12 and 14-19.
*From Bodrum you can take a day trip on a yacht with a crew, usually on the island called Karada or to blue lagoons; the price includes a meal. We resign from this tourist attractiona and choose instead a cruise to the Greek island of Kos.

Although the beaches aren't large, you can bathe in the sea here, and a few yards away there are places where you can eat cheaply. Shops and souvenir stands are open till late at night, as in most of the coastal resorts. In the cvening dozens of tourists fill the pubs and clubs which are scattered along the bay. Nightlife is booming. There are dozens of venues here so they must care for customers and come up with various activities to attract tourists. Here a bartender is juggling bottles, here the waiters are dancing on the balcony, here tourists are welcomed with flaming drinks. At the end of the promenade there's a giant disco Halikarnas, almost exclusively for tourists.
The town has a lot of different venues where you can eat. In many of them, staff has an unusual ability to memorize the faces of customers. We're amazed when a boy at the cafe where we had a croissant and coffee, the next day immediately asks with a smile if we want such and such croissant and coffee, for me of course with milk but without sugar.
One remark: be careful in the premises with live music. They don't charge admission but they have to pay musicians and performers, so the prices are much higher here than elsewhere. Beer can cost up to 15 YTL, which means 30 PLN (€7.5).

Harbor in Bodrum


Ferries from Bodrum depart daily at 9.30, return is scheduled for 16.30, a cruise lasts for an hour and costs €28.
On the island of Kos it's worth to visit the ruins of the castle from the fourteenth century (admission €3) and to sit at the table by the tree of Hippocrates (Kos is the birthplace of the father of medicine).
Other tourist attractions are: the Casa Romana, the archaeological museum and the Odeon.

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