Sunday, February 20, 2011

Languages – my addiction

Some of my language books
When I was in primary school I got addicted to... languages. When I was a teenager I often read textbooks till dawn. It was so exciting to learn how others communicate, what subjunctive is, why girl in German is neutral (namely: das Mädchen) and how is it possible that some people manage without a verb „to be” (e.g. Turkish). Would have Shakespeare written „Hamlet” without „to be”?
Here are my languages:
I like the sound of Arabic spoken. I learn MSA and Egyptian dialect. I'm an absolute beginner. It is not my priority so I study it from time to time.
My second language. At first it's very easy in comparison to Polish in terms of grammar, especially declensions and conjugations. The you have to learn all those details and nuances. I managed to pass the Cambridge and LCCI exams what enriched one of my drawers with appropriate certificates.
I flirted with French several times. I did a few lessons and then stopped. This year I've returned to it. I'd say I'm at A2 level.
My first Asian language. I started to learn this beautiful language over a year ago. Then I went to India for a holiday and I spent three weeks there. I am at A2 level, I think.
I've learned it for several years, I think I am at B2 level. I want to pass CELI exam next year.
I'd say I am at B2, I want to move further. I know that Brazilian version sounds much nicer, but I prefer European version. My knowledge of Spanish is a big asset.
It was obviously my first language. At the time when I went to school all Polish pupils had to learn it. I've learned it for 8 years. I even got good marks. But I acted according to the rule „learn, pass, forget”. Now I regret it a bit. So I've returned to Russian this year and I must admit I quite like it.
My favorite. My knowledge is confirmed by DELE diploma issued by Spanish Ministry of Education. At the time I started to learn Spanish, in Poland there weren't many materials, there was no Internet (I know, it's hard to believe it). To drill the patterns I bought Julio Iglesias' cassettes although I hated the way he sang. Thanks to him my vocabulary of the terms connected with love, kisses, arms and farewells is extremely rich.
My ambition is to know at least one language from all continents. So this is my first African language, not counting Arabic. I hope I will go to Kenya next year and Swahili might prove of some help there. I'm a beginner.
I spent my holiday in Turkey three years ago, and I fell in love with the country and people. I guess I'm at A2 level.
I also learned a bit of Swedish, Croatian, Dutch, German, Koine Greek and Hebrew, but those were attempts deserted on a very early stage. Oh, and I've studied Latin for four years in high school.

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