Saturday, February 19, 2011

Burlesque – what voices!

This is without a doubt one of the most interesting musical movies of the year. Yes, musically, because a plot – nothing new under the sun. A girl from a godforsaken hole in Iowa is coming to Los Angeles where she maneuvers herself to work at the club "Burlesque". She wants to dance here, but becomes a waitress. Fate wants that she replaces the club star on the stage and... Do I have to continue?
This film is predictable as the fact that two times two is four. Predictable is the fate of Ali in “Burlesque”. Predictable is the feeling between her and a boy with whom she shares a flat.
But... vocally, this movie is fantastic. Christina Aguilera, who plays the role of Ali, sings brilliantly, wonderfully. This girl not only sings but also plays. And those legs!
Several of my friends who do not like musicals said that the movie anchanted them. It is true, the two hours pass like minutes. The songs are brilliantly written. Aguilera sings fantastic. And this memorable voice of Cher which always makes me shiver...
To the cinema, now!

Here's an interactive trailer of the movie:


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